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Veja "V-10 CWL" W - White / Orange

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*Shoes run a half size big*

W: Women / M: Men

If you do not know your european size, please refer yourself to the measurements of our insoles (length and width) given in centimeters and compare them with your current insoles. 

If you have the slightest doubt before placing any order, do not hesitate to contact us

Upper: C.W.L. (organic cotton coated with a resin from P.U., corn starch and ricinus oil)
Panels: C.W.L., vegan suede and coated canvas
Logo V: Amazonian rubber (26%)
Insole: Amazonian rubber (11%), sugar cane (42%), recycled E.V.A.* (11%) and organic cotton (12%)
Outsole: Amazonian rubber (40%) and recycled rubber (10%)
Lining: Tech (100% recycled polyester)
Laces: Organic cotton (100%)
Made in Brazil

C.W.L.: Cotton Worked as Leather
This material is a vegan alternative to leather, with a very similar appearance and excellent resistance. A 100% organic cotton canvas, coated with P.U., corn starch, and ricinus oil. 54% bio-based.

*ethylene vinyl acetate