Order Up: The Manor "Take Out" Collection is Pick-Up Ready

Order Up: The Manor "Take Out" Collection is Pick-Up Ready

The Manor "Take Out" collection is back. The concept, which started in 2020, was meant to be part of a larger collection that included a pop-up and a community-inclusive event.

However, the pandemic created a quick change of plans. Despite the cancellation, the "Take Out" collection and the overall support was an indication of something bigger on the horizon. 

The support as a local business took off despite the closures and stalemates from the world around us. As a sign of gratitude and appreciation for what we endured as a community, we're bringing back the "Take Out" collection with some updates including a long sleeve and a dad hat.  

Dressed in primarily white and embracing tradition, the collection is a great addition to the foundation built from the first drop. 

The long sleeve ($45) and hat ($35) release in-store and online on Saturday January 23, 2021. Take a look at the collection in its entirety below. 

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