Manor Presents: Phoenix Children's Hospital Collection

Manor Presents: Phoenix Children's Hospital Collection

Phoenix Children's Hospital is a community staple in Arizona as the most comprehensive children's care facility. With PCH being a non-profit organization, the hospital thrives off of its surrounding community for support, volunteer work and more. 

As Manor continues to commit itself to its community, the upcoming PCH collection is an extension of the boutiques's passion for making a difference in the state of Arizona. 

This collection, however, was designed by three amazing children who have an artistic vision that captures what PCH is all about.


Riley is 5 years old and is currently in kindergarten. She plays softball, loves art and the outdoors. She loves to ride her bike and is a social butterfly. When she colored the picture, she was at PCH for a blood infection. She was at the hospital for a couple of weeks during this latest visit. She has also received a liver transplant in the past but is doing great now. 


Violeta is 9 years old and is currently in 4th grade. She also plays softball and absolutely loves music and loves to sing. Her favorite musical artist is Carrie Underwood. When she colored the picture, she was at PCH to have her appendix removed. She is doing great now and excited to be back to having fun with friends and family.


Kristan is the oldest winner from Coolidge, Ariz. PCH is still looking to gather more information on Kristan. Nonetheless, the picture perfectly captures what PCH and Manor are all about — the state of Arizona and its inhabitants. 

The art pieces will be on display and will be part of a t-shirt collection that drops exclusively in-store on Dec. 21 starting at 11 a.m. with an online release dropping later while supplies last. Stay tuned to Manor on Instagram for more information regarding the release. 

100% of the proceeds from the t-shirts will be donated to Phoenix Children's Hospital. 

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