Deadstock Coffee & Manor Phoenix are Brewing Community Together


This year has been an adjustment for all of us. Manor was built on the principles of bringing people together through sneakers, art, and fashion. While the mission remains the same, the pandemic has challenged us to reinvent the ways we interact and exist within the Uptown community and abroad.

Much like other boutiques, we're not the only ones adjusting. Deadstock Coffee, a staple in Portland for sneaker fanatics and coffee aficionados, lives in the same breath as Manor with community being the pillar of who we are and what we do. 

The one and only Ian Williams of Deadstock Coffee tapped his creative side to bring Deadstock Coffee to key cities in Western states. After a handful of stops, the tour will make its way to our brick and mortar location as the Coffee Champs Tour continues to bring community within this new normal we all exist in.

Be sure to checkout Deadstock on Instagram to follow the tour as it runs the course. Consume responsibly. We'll see you all on Friday. 






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