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The "Bad Year" T-Shirt is Dedicated to 2020

2020 has been a bad year. That's the easiest (and nicest) way to put it. 

For one reason or another, this year didn't live up to the expectations and goals we had in mind. Frustration. Pain. Fatigue. 

We get it. We see it. We feel it. 

But laughter can sometimes be the best medicine. Despite everything we had in mind for the shop this year, we're making the most out of this bad year. For that reason, we want to share our latest t-shirt design in light of everything going around our world today. 

Our signature "Shoes on a Cactus" logo gets a familiar crossover as blue and gold land on the shirt in a minimalist fashion. To truly dedicate this shirt to the bad year, we threw the year on the back to make sure you don't forget.

The "Bad Year" shirt is available in-store and online now.  


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