Manor X New Era Collaborative Fitted Project

Manor X New Era Collaborative Fitted Project


The last two and a half years we have been making new hats regularly. Time after time, we receive requests for fitted headwear; especially from our customers who wear a size eight. People, who wear a size eight hat, cannot fit into the traditional snap back. (something we did not think about until it was brought to our attention) It is usually on the last snap and always comes unsnapped when they try to wear them. Our belief was, if we could not produce a New Era Fitted, then we probably should not make one. Getting in touch with New Era has been compared to reaching the president of the United States. One day while sitting at the shop the phone rang, and it was someone saying they were the New Era brand representative. Hesitantly, I took the call. Once the caller was confirmed, I remember specifically saying, “I have been waiting two years for this call, what do we need to do to get started.” The design process on the New Era X Manor headwear program began immediately. The first collection comprised of three styles.


The 59FIFTY VOL. 1 – The hat that started it all. When Manor opened, we offered two snap back hats.   One was the Green Augusta poplin golf hat, and the other was the 5 panel black snap back featuring the “M.” logo. We switched to a six panel a couple months later. The black and white “M.” hat was by far the fan favorite. It was always known that if we ever made fitted hats, this would be the first one. $40


The Joshua Hat – the traditional Oakland Athletics green and gold color-way. Jeremy (the owner) never really had a “team” growing up in Las Vegas. However, his brother Josh sure did. He was a die hard Mark McGuire fan and if he had on a hat, back in the late 80s early 90s, it was an “Athletics” hat. He is also a size 8 in hats, and not able to wear any of the snap back hats we have made. This hat was inspired by Josh and the cultural impact the Oakland A’s had in the late 80s early 90s. -$40


The “Curve Ball” Arizona OG - This year marks the 20th anniversary for the Arizona Diamondbacks. We wanted to highlight their original, which arguably are the best, uniform colors with this hat. The cream hat with the purple bill features a turquoise “M.” logo on the front with a copper accented outline. All of the colors used, exactly match the Diamond Backs original uniform colors. $40


We are currently working on new styles to drop in the near future and will make sure to highlight Arizona and continue telling the Arizona Story. All styles will be produced in very limited quantities.

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