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Karhu "Fusion 2.0" M - Dark Olive/Cress Green

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This January, Karhu invites you to slow down and experience the soothing calm of Shinrin Yoku, or "Forest Bathing", is the Japanese practice of spending quality time in nature for the purpose of mediation or healing. By disconnecting from the busy world around you and bathing in the atmosphere of the forest, just being present and experiencing all the environment has to offer through each of the five senses, Shinrin Yoku benefits both mind and body. 

8.5M / 10W9M / 10.5W9.5M / 11W10M / 11.5W10.5M / 12W11M / 12.5W11.5M / 13W12M / 13.5W13M / 14.5W