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Deckers x Lab

Deckers x Lab "Ko-Z Evrst" W - Red / White

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Inspired by the world’s tallest mountain, the KO-Z EVRST takes new heights to reach the peak of comfort. With plush shearling and looped wool 360 degrees around the foot, the KO-Z EVRST is a slip-on that delivers softness and a sense of well-being. The upper has a notably wide panel of premium Nubuck Leather with 10 mm wool that gently wraps the top of the foot with extra KO-Ziness, thermoregulation and moisture management. Under the foot is 5mm of looped wool layered on top of 5 layers of foam – with the softest memory foam closest to the foot. The memory foam embraces your foot’s shape and gives back a delightful cushion sensation that helps stabilize the foot. With the addition of a rocker in the midfoot and an extended squaretail rear, this KO-Z sandal stays with your foot as you walk or run.  



Anatomic medium width performance running last
• EcoTan premium Nubuck Leather with 10mm wool cradling the foot
• Toe post wrapped in memory foam and silky soft lycra for enhanced grip with a soft sensation between the toes
• Ergonomic PU footbed layered with memory foam with gentle arch support and a sculpted toe bar, underneath a plush 5mm looped wool top sole with supple leather heel pad for optimal grip, gentle arch support and moisture management
• Xponent+ Midsole featuring squaretail rear and multilayer CM EVA Foam with gradient density bringing the softest cushion closest to your feet
• Looped Wool: Mix of 80% natural wool, 20% recycled polyester
• Ultralight and ultra-wide 3mm sponge rubber outsole with Meta-Rocker geometry
• Underfoot Geometry: 126-95-100, 8mm drop, 17-25mm stack height

American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance. The APMA Seal Program was created to inform both podiatric physicians and consumers about products whose quality, safety, and effectiveness allow for normal foot function and promote good foot health.