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Air Jordan "2 Retro Low SP" W - Sail / Safety / Orange (Titan)

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Spread the love. Tell the stories. Step into greatness. Jordan Brand is teaming up with partners from cultural touchstones around the world, spotlighting standout sneaker retailers and their communities. From Detroit to South Africa to the Philippines, we're bringing their inspiring local stories to a global audience.

Our collab with Filipino basketball specialty concept store TITAN bridges past, present and future. This timeless take on the AJ2 was born from an unquestionable passion for the game, setting the stage with an honorary look that's rooted to the beloved 1954 Filipino national team.

Celebrating the widespread influence that hoops has on culture and everyday life, the colors, materials and graphics are styled by Chi Loyzaga-Gibbs—designer, artist, musician and granddaughter of Filipino basketball hero, Caloy Loyzaga. Versatile and confident, Chi's interpretation of the AJ2 honors history while creating a new chapter of greatness all her own.

Attention to detail is the name of the game. Premium suede, richly textured corduroy and crisp leather combine with a speckled midsole, while original artwork connects you to the hoops heartbeat no matter where you are. The retro color palette brings it back to the '50s and the Philippines’ legendary bronze-medal finish.

Oh, and the custom shoebox? It's your passport to travel to the Philippines and discover the common language of basketball.
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