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A.G.E. "On Carbon Coated Canvas" M - Black / Off White

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A.G.E Pursues the "Flow of Time", Past and present dictates the inspiration. The perspective transforms time into new designs, with reflects of what has been and what can be. The details of the silhouette represent everything about A.G.E with the reinforced eyelets, cotton canvas upper, and minimal logo detail. This Silhouette has a rubber sole embossed with signature foxing tape and fits true to size. A.G.E believes only when you walk towards a new place will the road begin. Life is not a final destination but more of making choices everyday, while we travel along our path. Everyone travels a different road and each path is different with their own experience. 
4M / 5.5W5M / 6.5W6M / 7.5W7M / 8.5W8M / 9.5W9M / 10.5W10M / 11.5W11M / 12.5W12M / 13.5W13M / 14.5W